I haven’t been around much, due to exhaustion and holidays. However, after yesterday, there just wasn’t enough room on Twitter to talk about how I was feeling.

I know there are have been a lot of celeb deaths this year. I’m not even sure if it’s been more than normal, or just a younger than normal set. Either way, there have been some this year that have made me actually shed some tears. Funny enough, it was one of the first (Alan Rickman), and hopefully one of the last (Carrie Fisher). The rest have been sad, but I wasn’t big fans, or they were in what I would call end of life anyway. Like Leonard Cohen, whom I loved and admired, but thought he lived a good life, passing away in his 80’s.

When it came to Alan Rickman, it was a matter of the man having been in my entertainment since I was a kid. I just couldn’t imagine not hearing his voice in a new movie. I was sad for what I would be missing.

Carrie however, is completely different. While I am obviously also sad for what I will be missing not having her write more books, or take on a new voice over part, I also just feel as though those of us with mental illness lost a great champion. Especially those of us that are female, as bad as that sounds.

I was diagnosed with my many labels when I was a teen, and that was right around the time that Carrie started to become more open about her struggles with bi-polar disorder. Hearing someone that you admire talk about the things that you were experiencing, helps to show you that you really aren’t alone. Not only that but this was Princess Leia. She’s done things. She’s struggled with her brain working against her, and has still been successful. Yes, it’s been a battle, but look at how many she won. For a teenager that is an amazingly powerful message. You can be broken, and still be successful.

I think this is the biggest thing for a lot of people, who were her fans. It isn’t just that she was a kick ass princess, but it’s the fact that outside of her best known role, she was a champion for many.