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New Year, New Baby

This little man made his entrance at the start of the year. Labour started on the first and ended early in the morning of the second. It wasn’t the easiest labour in the world, but I imagine it was far, far from the most difficult. To be honest, the healing has been far more difficult. Not to mention the whole getting used to having a newborn around again.

It is amazing how in this short period of time I have noticed so many differences between my two mini humans. The first of which is the demand for attention. While my daughter was content to be snuggled, she was also content to sit next to us, or even sleep in her crib. For my tiny boy, that is just not the case. He will scream to get the hugs he wants. Or the food he wants. Or both. He is already into binge eating. Or at least non stop eating. Basically he wants food all the time. Judging by his face when he sleeps that includes when he is sleeping.

I’m kinda excited to see how the rest of this plays out. Though I really do wish he would have gotten his wonderful baby sleep from his sister. I miss sleep.

Sleep? No Sleep For Pregnant Ladies

Ahh, pregnancy. The supposed magical time a mom goes through to get her little bundles of joy. I am fond of the bundles of joy. Bean, as much as she makes me crazy, is in fact a glorious, funny, loving, and ridiculously smart tiny human. I am glad she is here. I am sure, when my son makes his appearance I will feel the same way, though he has a head start on making me crazy.

When I was pregnant with Bean, I was miserable. There were reasons though, the partner I had wasn’t really into the whole being supportive thing, and I was working full time as a RN, which meant 60 hour work weeks sometimes. It wasn’t ideal. The hardest part was the no support from the baby daddy. Something I have come to realise this time around, makes a huge freakin’ difference.

Despite lack of husbandy support, the pregnancy it’s self was fine. I had major heart burn, but it was controlled by over the counter meds, and some really odd home remedies. My blood pressure spiked, but not until my very last week, at which point she was late anyway, so she got to come out. I was warned about how much the moving and kicking would get uncomfortable, but with the exception of a few liver shots, Bean was content to just roll over and I didn’t have much problem with that until very late, when every mom to be has a problem. Her little brother isn’t as accommodating.

Starting with high blood pressure from day one, to long drives to get a specialist opinion of “everything looks totally normal”, he has not made this easy. My blood tests are weird one day, and the repeat test the next day are normal. I didn’t have much of a belly with Bean, and this one is popping out, and he is sitting right on my bladder. Not kidding. I can feel little bops on my bladder almost constantly. He also enjoy moving all day long, preferably stretching to see if he can get out I guess? It’s not comfortable.

As the time as gone on he has started to get more active at night. Making it near impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep. I am glad that he’s moving around, I like knowing he’s doing okay, but I will be very happy when he is wiggling on the outside instead of the inside.

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