Welcome to my little corner of the interweb.

I am a mom of an adorable and wonderfully challenging 5 year old little girl, and have a baby on the way with my wonderful partner. I am also a nurse, a writer, and a designer, though that order has no correlation on how well I do any of them. I consider myself more to be a dabbler in professions, then a master of any of them.

My Etsy store, is called Fibre Wonderland, and is currently under going some reworking. Hopefully in a few short weeks it will have many new yarns, and products to go out to people for the holidays.

I am however, a wonderful procrastinator, and usually end up leaving everything until the very last moment when it’s nearly impossible to get it done. So, if there are no regular posts for a week or so, that’s likely because I just found the couch far more fascinating then anything that was going on in my head.

If you’d like, you can email me @ lovelyboredom@gmail.com