We have a problem in Ontario right now: the extremely high cost of our power bills. This isn’t a region specific thing either. Sure some of the areas have it worse than others, but all around we are screwed. This month for our tiny two bedroom house, we were charged $250 for our power. We don’t even have electric heating (thank god).

Naturally there are a lot of people in our province that are actually falling behind in our bills. We have to make a choice about other things. We are a month behind because of this (and other government fuck ups), and it makes us annoyed. We like to pay our bills on time as a rule, and when we have to decide between food and power, or disconnecting all of our fun things, that is disappointing. If we want to read only, and not have any phones, we could get by I’m sure. But what is the point?

Most of the province is now trying very hard to get our premier out of office. Not much we can do about that until election time though. But that isn’t the only thing that we have to focus on. I mean the power company it’s self is the biggest problem. Why are they allowed to charge this much for power that they have too much of. Besides selling it to the people that live in Ontario, they are selling it to several states. They also just gave their CEO’s big raises, which is the sign of a business trying to screw us over if I ever saw one.

The easiest way for us to see what is going on, is to look at the other provinces and realize that on a whole, they pay 25-50% less than we do. What the fuck? We arguably make more power than any other province (with the exception of Quebec), and this is how we get treated? That is just, stupid.

Until we can organize and figure out a way to get these costs down, and to find jobs for people, I think there are going to continue to be a lot of unpaid power bills. I wonder if that is protest enough.