This little man made his entrance at the start of the year. Labour started on the first and ended early in the morning of the second. It wasn’t the easiest labour in the world, but I imagine it was far, far from the most difficult. To be honest, the healing has been far more difficult. Not to mention the whole getting used to having a newborn around again.

It is amazing how in this short period of time I have noticed so many differences between my two mini humans. The first of which is the demand for attention. While my daughter was content to be snuggled, she was also content to sit next to us, or even sleep in her crib. For my tiny boy, that is just not the case. He will scream to get the hugs he wants. Or the food he wants. Or both. He is already into binge eating. Or at least non stop eating. Basically he wants food all the time. Judging by his face when he sleeps that includes when he is sleeping.

I’m kinda excited to see how the rest of this plays out. Though I really do wish he would have gotten his wonderful baby sleep from his sister. I miss sleep.