I could pretend that I am better than watching the U.S election, but I am not gonna even try. Besides, what would that really prove? We all know that the U.S. election affects everyone in the world, so pretending to be above it all is kind of silly. Also it helps to keep you super uninformed to how people are actually talking about it.

Even still, I need to admit that I am so tired of it. I know everyone is tired of it. In fact the only person that’s probably not tired of it is Trump. But whatever.

The thing that has me the most irritated by the whole thing, is the news coverage. I don’t actually think a single mainstream media news station covered the policies of either of the two main people. I mean, if it wasn’t for some YouTubers, I probably wouldn’t even know where either candidate stood on things. I mean other than everyone knowing that Trump hates people that are different (which I don’t even think is true, but he likes to say it to get the cheers). I wonder if they talked to people on the street, how many people would actually be able to list where either person stood on important issues. Because without looking it up online, I couldn’t tell ya.

Now that may just be a deficit in how much information I am getting up here in the great white north. I don’t watch MSNBC or CNN or FoxNews. I kind of just sit here and piece together different news articles from online papers. Some are good, some are bad, some are partisan, some are trying not to be, but are anyway… It’s not a good news source. Either way, it’s not even an educational news source. Everyone is just talking about the things that are entertaining that happened today. Not real news, just the stuff that people want to know like: What did Trump say today that was insane? or How is Hillary going to handle those email accusations again? Neither of those things is actually important on how the person is going to run the country. They tell me nothing. Well okay, they tell me that Trump still hasn’t learned to stop his inner monologue from becoming is outer monologue, and that we still can’t trust Hillary to send an email.

I hope that as many of the U.S. people that can vote are out there doing it today. This is actually an election that’s going to fuck up the entire world, so you know, make sure you’re a part of it. You get to decide today who is going to represent your country on the world stage.