I want to say it’s abnormal for people to talk about the doubts they feel as a parent, but I know that likely isn’t true. Perhaps it simply feels that way when no one around you ever talks about the times they screw up. That thought that everyone needs to be a perfect parent or they are a failed parent. No matter if we are all human and all fail in some way or another eventually, that doesn’t seem to matter if you’re a parent. You are not allowed to fail, and so you must be perfect.

The problem then becomes, if everyone around is doing something different, and they are all perfect, then what are you? This thought comes into my head more often then it should, but with a new baby on the way I can’t help but sit here and think that maybe I am doing everything wrong and now I am going to screw up another kid.

It makes me wonder if maybe the reason why people feel this way is because there are so many articles and thoughts online, or in the news, about how we are screwing kids up. We never seem to talk about all the ways we are raising kids properly, only the ways in which they are messed up. True to form though, we are still saying every new generation is worse than the last, despite evidence in society that proves otherwise. I mean you don’t get a lower over all crime rate, lower illiterate rate, lower death rate, lower teen pregnancy rate, by being just as bad or worse then the generation before you. No matter what people what to believe.

We see tons of articles about how spanking is bad and harmful to kids, and not too many articles that talk about the different forms of discipline that might be best. Then come the memes about how kids are so horrible because they aren’t spanked and the arguments in the comments about how one group of parents is better than the other.

Perhaps to reduce the anxiety for some people, all people should back up and remember that everyone is doing their best. Just my thought anyway. I’m gonna go eat cookies.