Probably the most annoying part of being pregnant is the amount of tests that you have to do to make sure that you and the baby are healthy. None of these tests is more annoying than the one that you need to do to check to see what your sugar levels are.

Apparently a super important test (though some quick Google searches have informed me that it might not be for very much longer), it is probably the most painful. Painful in that you have to go, drink this super gross version of flat orange pop, then sit in very uncomfortable waiting room chairs so they can take your blood an hour later. So you have to sit there while all these smelly old people (not really), come and sit next to you even though there are other chairs around the room (really), and of course you’re super uncomfortable, because these chairs are not meant for long term sitting, let alone to support a pregnant person and their now very hyper spawn.

That’s what I did yesterday. I know logically it isn’t the most painful test so much as it is the most annoying. Also I had to come home and lay down because the drink made me feel dizzy and sick, so that took up more time that I could have spent doing pretty much anything. Though if I think about it, I would have probably been laying down.

I have now gotten the results of the test, and even though I check my results online and know how high my sugar actually is (.1 above the “normal”) I get told by the nurse that I have to now fast, and do this test again, except over 2 hours. *Headdesk* Swear to god this isn’t something that I even almost want to do. I may not even do it, I will check with the NP when I go to my appointment Wednesday. It’ll probably be the conversation that goes a little something like this: “Not doing it lady” and then I will be talked into doing anyway. Because I strangely listen to the nurses and doctors even though I can make my own educated choices.

The upside from the blook work? I need to take some iron pills. This may help with the tired and possibly even the restless legs. We shall see.