I have been trying to come up with some good ideas for what to do with this blog other than just rant all the time. One of the things that I think I will do, is some monthly crate reviews. With Christmas coming it’s a good way to get some stocking stuffers or gifts if there are some that like geeky shirts.

The first one I might go ahead and get so I can review is GeekFuel. It was probably my favourite of all the nerd boxes. Not quite as well known as LootCrate, but for me it offers more of a selection of things that I like to collect. Also because I really do want some stocking stuffers, I’ll probably get a NerdBlock Jr. for my little girl.

I will be using affiliate links (like I have been here). You can take advantage of them and get a discount. Most of the monthly subscription boxes come with a special for signing up anyway, but if you use my link you get a bit of a discount as well. Like a present within a present.

I hope to move on and do some food subscription boxes in the new year.  There are plenty of food boxes that look delicious.