As a Canadian, I have to say that I probably haven’t spent this much time banging my head against the wall over people’s stupidity as I have this last year watching the news cover the U.S. election. Seriously, and I live in Ontario, and we have tones of ridiculous crap here. I mean, it is the province of Rob Ford, so yeah, we have our own weirdos.

The biggest problem I have is when it’s so clear people are making dumb choices. It’s not as though one person is saying a whole list of policies that people just disagree with, and the other is a she-demon. That isn’t what is happening here. One guy is up there spouting out a bunch of bullshit that he can’t keep straight from one day to the next and the other is being consistent about what she’s lying about (you know like a politician). It is as though the U.S. has suddenly decided that it no longer wants to have politicians, and instead is okay letting a living Halloween costume run around making choices about how they live.

I get it. They are both shitty choices. I probably don’t fully get it because to me, and to the rest of the world, your lesser of two evils usually looks like our lesser of two evils, and we just don’t understand how you people can’t see that. We don’t understand. We aren’t pitying you. We aren’t sitting here laughing at you in the “Ha ha we don’t have to make that choice kind of way” (though yeah, some of us are). We are seriously questioning how on Earth you could have lead the world in advancements in the last one-hundred years, and at the same time think that electing a guy that makes fun of disabled people is a good idea. How you think that you need to “Make America Great Again”, when it is so clearly better for most of the people that live there then it was even twenty years ago. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t need to be remade.

There is a future. You have your choices. One will put you in the future, one will clearly send you back.