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High Cost Of Power In Winter

We have a problem in Ontario right now: the extremely high cost of our power bills. This isn’t a region specific thing either. Sure some of the areas have it worse than others, but all around we are screwed. This month for our tiny two bedroom house, we were charged $250 for our power. We don’t even have electric heating (thank god).

Naturally there are a lot of people in our province that are actually falling behind in our bills. We have to make a choice about other things. We are a month behind because of this (and other government fuck ups), and it makes us annoyed. We like to pay our bills on time as a rule, and when we have to decide between food and power, or disconnecting all of our fun things, that is disappointing. If we want to read only, and not have any phones, we could get by I’m sure. But what is the point?

Most of the province is now trying very hard to get our premier out of office. Not much we can do about that until election time though. But that isn’t the only thing that we have to focus on. I mean the power company it’s self is the biggest problem. Why are they allowed to charge this much for power that they have too much of. Besides selling it to the people that live in Ontario, they are selling it to several states. They also just gave their CEO’s big raises, which is the sign of a business trying to screw us over if I ever saw one.

The easiest way for us to see what is going on, is to look at the other provinces and realize that on a whole, they pay 25-50% less than we do. What the fuck? We arguably make more power than any other province (with the exception of Quebec), and this is how we get treated? That is just, stupid.

Until we can organize and figure out a way to get these costs down, and to find jobs for people, I think there are going to continue to be a lot of unpaid power bills. I wonder if that is protest enough.

New Year, New Baby

This little man made his entrance at the start of the year. Labour started on the first and ended early in the morning of the second. It wasn’t the easiest labour in the world, but I imagine it was far, far from the most difficult. To be honest, the healing has been far more difficult. Not to mention the whole getting used to having a newborn around again.

It is amazing how in this short period of time I have noticed so many differences between my two mini humans. The first of which is the demand for attention. While my daughter was content to be snuggled, she was also content to sit next to us, or even sleep in her crib. For my tiny boy, that is just not the case. He will scream to get the hugs he wants. Or the food he wants. Or both. He is already into binge eating. Or at least non stop eating. Basically he wants food all the time. Judging by his face when he sleeps that includes when he is sleeping.

I’m kinda excited to see how the rest of this plays out. Though I really do wish he would have gotten his wonderful baby sleep from his sister. I miss sleep.

Carrie Fisher

I haven’t been around much, due to exhaustion and holidays. However, after yesterday, there just wasn’t enough room on Twitter to talk about how I was feeling.

I know there are have been a lot of celeb deaths this year. I’m not even sure if it’s been more than normal, or just a younger than normal set. Either way, there have been some this year that have made me actually shed some tears. Funny enough, it was one of the first (Alan Rickman), and hopefully one of the last (Carrie Fisher). The rest have been sad, but I wasn’t big fans, or they were in what I would call end of life anyway. Like Leonard Cohen, whom I loved and admired, but thought he lived a good life, passing away in his 80’s.

When it came to Alan Rickman, it was a matter of the man having been in my entertainment since I was a kid. I just couldn’t imagine not hearing his voice in a new movie. I was sad for what I would be missing.

Carrie however, is completely different. While I am obviously also sad for what I will be missing not having her write more books, or take on a new voice over part, I also just feel as though those of us with mental illness lost a great champion. Especially those of us that are female, as bad as that sounds.

I was diagnosed with my many labels when I was a teen, and that was right around the time that Carrie started to become more open about her struggles with bi-polar disorder. Hearing someone that you admire talk about the things that you were experiencing, helps to show you that you really aren’t alone. Not only that but this was Princess Leia. She’s done things. She’s struggled with her brain working against her, and has still been successful. Yes, it’s been a battle, but look at how many she won. For a teenager that is an amazingly powerful message. You can be broken, and still be successful.

I think this is the biggest thing for a lot of people, who were her fans. It isn’t just that she was a kick ass princess, but it’s the fact that outside of her best known role, she was a champion for many.

December Without Snow Is Like Chocolate Without Chocolate

I am a Canadian girl. More so than that I am a Northern Canadian girl. I have always lived in the north, and I hope to continue that for the rest of my life.

With this however comes strange times. We are North enough to get the very cold in the winter, and yet not far enough North to be spared the very hot summer. Admittedly those are pretty subjective terms. I have known a few Aussie’s that have visited and found our -5 C to be way too cold. We usually mock them while wondering around drinking Ice’d Caps in our t-shirts (yes, this happens, but usually in the Spring after we have been accustomed to the cold). They in turn mock us for our complaints that 40 C is too hot (it fucking is and I will fight people on this). So it really depends.

The other thing that we can usually count on, other than the super unpredictable weather, is the fact that there is snow by Halloween. Though I guess going with the theme that the weather is unpredictable, the fact that we have no snow on the 1st of December is probably a sign of that. Also of climate change. Though only for those people that don’t believe it’s some sort of lefty conspiracy. For the rest of you, just blame it on traditional patterns of unpredictability. Like last year when it snowed in June. Totally normal.

I am a Christmas baby. I want snow for Christmas. There is nothing more depressing (weather wise) than a grey Christmas. Sure people can claim that it’s a green Christmas, but we live in Northern Ontario, who are you kidding? It’s fucking grey outside. Possible shades of green and yellow on the ground, but the rest is fucking grey, get out your head out of your ass.

Strangely enough I do actually live in one of the few places in Canada that has a very high chance of a white Christmas every year. Just lately… they haven’t been so white. It’s been super sad. Still have 25 days though, so here’s hoping.

Poor Kid

As the weeks grow closer to my due date, I start to feel more and more sorry for my five year old. I am not a very pleasant person to be around right now, what with being super uncomfortable and sore and hormonal.

I do my best to make sure that she knows that my short temper isn’t her fault, but that doesn’t make it easier on her I’m sure. Especially not when I usually am fairly level headed. I mean I have a temper, she would know, she has the same one, but at the same time five is a pretty young age to have a mother go through all the crazy mood changes that come with growing another human being.

I feel, especially these past few days, that I am doing her a great disservice. That I am not really parenting to the best of my ability. That there are things that I am doing that will upset her even more. Not to mention the fact that it really doesn’t get easier in the next year. Once the babe is less a new born, then it gets better, but that is only if there are no complications and everything works out the way that I want it to. That hardly ever happens in real life.

I still long for the days when I could put myself into any TV show that I wanted and pretend that I lived there for a while. When did I allow reality to get so, uh, real?


There Are No Words

It’s been really hard to find a reason to post anything. I mean there is enough going on with me, but it all seems kind of boring and normal compared to what is going on to the the country south of mine. I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, but there is really nothing new that I can say. Not to mention the fact that no one is listening to anyone any more.

I think that’s the hardest part of everything, knowing that no one is listening. The right is blaming the left, the left is blaming the right, and the rest of the world is watching with their smart phones, waiting to catch the firestorm that is bound to happen. It’s the best example of everyone stopping to watch a car wreck that you’re ever going to get. Well, if the people in the cars were also yelling at each other while everyone was wearing earplugs.

I have seen news headlines this week that make me question what kind of drugs we are all on. How we can go back in the world of human rights so far. I want to know what on earth really happened to make all of this possible. Trump is the symptom of a much bigger problem, but we need to be able to get to that problem to fix it, and I really don’t think that we are going to be getting to that place any time soon. I think it’s going to require a lot more blood before people wake the fuck up. These things always do. We have to bathe in it before we all get on the same page and see what the heck we are doing.

All the things…

Why is parenting so silly?

This is the only logical question I have for today. I get the parts of the day where I make sure she doesn’t jump off a bridge, or fall down the stairs. I also get the parts of the day where I have to manage to get her to eat veggies in some way, or at least eat some what balanced, rather than just eating mac and cheese every day. I don’t get how many times a day I have to say the most ridiculous things to make this happen.

Keeping our kids safe and healthy is part of the job and one that I am mostly good at given my child’s desire to climb up everything and jump off everything. Also the fact that she walks into a wall several times a day is just, icing on the cake (it isn’t her eye sight, she just doesn’t know how to slow down ever.) I guess my other question would have to be: Are all kids this clumsy?

I have a feeling that a lot of them are unless they have been put into a sport of some kind that helps them get control of their arm and leg coordination a little bit better. I considered gymnastics, but didn’t want to test my luck. Dance is a bit too pricey. Hopefully next summer we can do soccer, so she can run like crazy and get all of that extra energy out.

Until then though, how many times do I have to I have to remind her that she can’t do a handstand or the splits?

Watching What Everyone is Watching

I could pretend that I am better than watching the U.S election, but I am not gonna even try. Besides, what would that really prove? We all know that the U.S. election affects everyone in the world, so pretending to be above it all is kind of silly. Also it helps to keep you super uninformed to how people are actually talking about it.

Even still, I need to admit that I am so tired of it. I know everyone is tired of it. In fact the only person that’s probably not tired of it is Trump. But whatever.

The thing that has me the most irritated by the whole thing, is the news coverage. I don’t actually think a single mainstream media news station covered the policies of either of the two main people. I mean, if it wasn’t for some YouTubers, I probably wouldn’t even know where either candidate stood on things. I mean other than everyone knowing that Trump hates people that are different (which I don’t even think is true, but he likes to say it to get the cheers). I wonder if they talked to people on the street, how many people would actually be able to list where either person stood on important issues. Because without looking it up online, I couldn’t tell ya.

Now that may just be a deficit in how much information I am getting up here in the great white north. I don’t watch MSNBC or CNN or FoxNews. I kind of just sit here and piece together different news articles from online papers. Some are good, some are bad, some are partisan, some are trying not to be, but are anyway… It’s not a good news source. Either way, it’s not even an educational news source. Everyone is just talking about the things that are entertaining that happened today. Not real news, just the stuff that people want to know like: What did Trump say today that was insane? or How is Hillary going to handle those email accusations again? Neither of those things is actually important on how the person is going to run the country. They tell me nothing. Well okay, they tell me that Trump still hasn’t learned to stop his inner monologue from becoming is outer monologue, and that we still can’t trust Hillary to send an email.

I hope that as many of the U.S. people that can vote are out there doing it today. This is actually an election that’s going to fuck up the entire world, so you know, make sure you’re a part of it. You get to decide today who is going to represent your country on the world stage.

Sleep? No Sleep For Pregnant Ladies

Ahh, pregnancy. The supposed magical time a mom goes through to get her little bundles of joy. I am fond of the bundles of joy. Bean, as much as she makes me crazy, is in fact a glorious, funny, loving, and ridiculously smart tiny human. I am glad she is here. I am sure, when my son makes his appearance I will feel the same way, though he has a head start on making me crazy.

When I was pregnant with Bean, I was miserable. There were reasons though, the partner I had wasn’t really into the whole being supportive thing, and I was working full time as a RN, which meant 60 hour work weeks sometimes. It wasn’t ideal. The hardest part was the no support from the baby daddy. Something I have come to realise this time around, makes a huge freakin’ difference.

Despite lack of husbandy support, the pregnancy it’s self was fine. I had major heart burn, but it was controlled by over the counter meds, and some really odd home remedies. My blood pressure spiked, but not until my very last week, at which point she was late anyway, so she got to come out. I was warned about how much the moving and kicking would get uncomfortable, but with the exception of a few liver shots, Bean was content to just roll over and I didn’t have much problem with that until very late, when every mom to be has a problem. Her little brother isn’t as accommodating.

Starting with high blood pressure from day one, to long drives to get a specialist opinion of “everything looks totally normal”, he has not made this easy. My blood tests are weird one day, and the repeat test the next day are normal. I didn’t have much of a belly with Bean, and this one is popping out, and he is sitting right on my bladder. Not kidding. I can feel little bops on my bladder almost constantly. He also enjoy moving all day long, preferably stretching to see if he can get out I guess? It’s not comfortable.

As the time as gone on he has started to get more active at night. Making it near impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep. I am glad that he’s moving around, I like knowing he’s doing okay, but I will be very happy when he is wiggling on the outside instead of the inside.

My Record Holds!

So for about the third year in a row where I have decided to do NaNoWriMo I am a few days in and have nothing written! At least I am consistent. Now I just have to get my butt in gear.

The big problem that I have with writing, is getting myself to actually start. It’s why blog posts are late, or non existent, and it’s why I sit there and stare at my screen for hours trying to figure out exactly where the screen came from. Trust me, there are only so many ways you can look at the screen of a chromebook trying to figure out how all the information fits on that tiny screen.

From time to time I actually take out the good old stand by of pen and paper, but it takes so much longer to get any writing done that way that I just can’t stand to use it for long stories any more. Though it does make it easier to create, so I often use it to brain storm.

Actually, now that I think about it, I shall grab my notebook and get to work.

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